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About Us

Advancing Opportunities

Since 2007, AmCap has experienced steady and continuous growth. We attribute our success to innovative, modern business practices and one simple philosophy ― making good loans to good borrowers. While we may have grown into a large company with a national presence, we maintain our commitment to exceptional customer service with a personal touch.

Because we recognize no two loans are identical, we provide our loan officers the tools, support and flexibility to make the right decisions for their customers. This progressive approach to lending along with streamlined mortgage procedures is our way of making the American Dream a reality for more people than ever before.

Your Next Home is Closer Than You Think

In addition to being a Mortgage Banking entity with the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending, AmCap Mortgage also holds licenses to conduct business in 29 states across the nation.

Our Mission Statement

At AmCap Mortgage, our mission is to provide accountable, motivated, compassionate, appreciative and professional service to all who encounter our organization.

To accomplish our mission, we believe AmCap must be:

A: Accountable to our shareholders, clients and employees
M: Motivated to constantly improve our services
C: Compassionate to continually improve our community
A: Appreciative of our customers’ loyalty and our employees’ dedication
P: Professionally motivated to encourage creativity, ingenuity and ultimately, success

Combining these fundamental values, AmCap will remain a leader in the mortgage banking industry and continue to foster relationships with clients. When you work with AmCap, you can trust you’ve found your true partner.

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