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Why is the USDA Home Loan Program Special?

Congratulations, you just found the No Down Payment home loan program you’ve heard about. One of the least known home financing programs, the government established the USDA Home Loan Program in 1991 to provide affordable homeownership opportunities, promote prosperity, and improve the quality of life of citizens.

Despite the incredible benefits of the USDA Home Loan Program, it has remained relatively unknown. Our mission is to shine a light on this amazing home financing opportunity and inform the nation – This is the one!"

  • No Down Payment (You Read that Correctly)
  • 97% of the United States is Geographically Eligible
  • Fixed Interest Rates and Fixed Terms Only
  • Reasonable Credit Qualifications and Income Limits
  • Multiple Closing Costs Options, including Seller Contributions
  • No Max Loan Amount, only Debt-to-Income Limits

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No Down Payment Needed

You simply don’t have to put down tens of thousands of dollars or 20% to buy your dream home.


Areas Geographically Eligible – 97%

USDA is commonly associated with rural America. However, for purposes of the USDA Home Loan Program, “rural” is 97% of the nation geographically.


Many Closing Cost Options

Homebuyers often pay no closing cost out of pocket because the seller can contribute, family gifts are accepted, and/or in some cases cost can be financed in.

Prequalification is the first step in home ownership. By completing the USDA prequalification request our specialists will be able to let you know how much you can afford and what your estimated monthly payment will be. Our team will also help you identify the eligible USDA areas near you.

What Our Customers Say

How did I go this long without hearing about the USDA home loan?? Honestly, I’m kind of sick that I saved up for years to put 20% down on my first home. I could have purchased that home years earlier and not wasted all that rent money… I’m so thankful I heard about it in time to purchase this home, it just made so much more sense for me.
I was prequalified for an FHA mortgage and shopping for my home when I heard about the USDA mortgage. I didn’t know much about it, but called to see what the deal was. I was shocked to learn how USDA and FHA compared. Avoiding the down payment, getting an equivalent interest rate, and cheaper monthly mortgage insurance…for me, USDA was a no-brainer.
My family was looking to buy abigger home in the suburbs of a pretty big city.I’m one of those people that wants to know all available options before pulling the trigger. Assuming there was no chance a “farm agency” home loan would fly in this area, I made the call anyway. I was floored to hear, “yep, that area is fine.” So glad I’m “one of those people” and made what I thought was a long shot call to learn about the USDA mortgage.

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